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Article Number: 000001462 - Last Modified: May 27, 2014

The new FME Server Playground shows you how to get up and running with the new REST API in FME Server 2014. We have a new getting started guide, code samples and a JavaScript API.

The FME Server REST API provides a powerful, simple, open web interface to services hosted by FME Server. It allows you to manage workspaces and jobs, submit data for processing, send and receive notifications via multiple protocols, and more. Requests are made through clear, readable URLs. Responses can be formatted in XML, JSON, or HTML.

To show you how to use the FME Server REST API and lower the barriers of integrating with FME Server, we have created the FME Server Playground. The aim of the Playground is to give you a series of examples which you can interact with and then copy the code for use in your own application. We are constantly adding new examples so keep checking back. 

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In this tutorial, we will show you how you can deliver data using FME Server. There’s not much here in terms of detailed explanations. Rather, we’ll point you to resources in a suggested order, and by the end, you’ll be able to build what you need.

Uses the REST API in FME Server to build a custom web application that allows a user to upload a dataset, run a workspace, and download the results.

This demo uses the FME Server Notification Service, Postgres database triggers, and Web Sockets to create a web application that allows a user to upload a dataset through an email, validate it, upload it to a database, and display it in the application in real-time.

The Safe Software Mobile samples for iOS and Android can be made available to developers wanting to build customized versions of the FME Reporter and FME Alerts apps. Using the existing FME apps as prototypes, you can develop and distribute an app that seamlessly configures FME Server for your own unique needs.

As an organisation sometimes you may want to change the styling of the FME Server web user and admin interfaces. We show you where the CSS is to modify for each web interface. This article applies to FME Server 2012 or previous.