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New Python FME Objects API in FME 2012

Article Number: 000002162 -  Last Modified: Jan 7, 2015

In FME 2012, Safe introduces a new Python FME Objects API which replaces the old pyfme.

In FME 2012, Safe introduces a new Python FME Objects API to address the many shortcomings of pyfme, including the lack of built-in documentation. Pyfme will be deprecated with the release of FME 2012 and you should no longer import the pyfme module in your scripts. Of course all existing pyfme scripts will continue to function with FME 2012 and beyond, but for new Python development, we encourage our users to develop using FME 2012’s Python FME Objects API.

The new Python FME Objects API has several advantages including support for Rich Geometry, detailed API documentation, and improved help documentation.

To access the new Python FME Objects API please download FME 2012 or higher from and select Yes on the "Install the SDK" panel of the installer.

In your python scripts you will need to import the fmeobjects module to use any FME related classes or methods. Use this statement:

import fmeobjects

Getting More Information

  • For more information on the new Python FME for FME see the great FME Evangelist article from our colleague Mark Ireland that covers the new Python API.
  • However, before you start to do any work with FME Objects, be sure to read this article. Seriously. We mean it!
  • FME now includes detailed Help and examples for the transformers PythonCaller, PythonCreator and Workbench Help also  includes examples for Startup Python Script and Shutdown Python Scripts.
  • Some of the Python API documentation is installed with the Help here: <FME>\help\python\apidoc\index.html
  • More detailed python API documentation is installed if you choose to "Install the SDK" when you install FME: <FME>\fmeobjects\python\apidoc\index.html.
  • Please also see the article on Python and FME Basics  which can help you get started if you have decided to use python in FME.

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